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Cut Ups &
Dino J.A. Deane

1- HIPSAMPLE (for Butch Morris) - 6:59
2- KASSITEREOS (for Sam Rhodes) - 23:00
3- TURNSTILE (for Steven Miller) - 7:20
4- ON RHYTHMIC WINDS (for Doug Deane) - 17:00

HipSample and Turnstile were performed live on December 10th 2013 at OTR Studios, Belmont CA
Recorded and Mastered by Cookie Marenco - Patrick O'Connor DSD wrangler

Kassiteros and On Rhythmic Winds were constructed during October of 2012 at BluBox Studios, Villanueva NM
Mastered by Cookie Marenco at OTR - Patrick O'Connor DSD wrangler

1- HipSample - is a cut-up piece performed on iPad using the app Samplr. It employs six samples taken from a solo cornet improvisation by Butch Morris at the FMP Festival in Berlin 11/6/87.

2- Kassiteros - was constructed on laptop using Ableton Live 8. It is a 10th anniversary piece made from samples taken from live and studio recordings of my Conduction ensemble OUT OF CONTEXT over the first 10 years of the group's 15 year existence - LIVE at the OUTPOST - NEVER NEVER LAND - WESTON @ O'KEEFFE - ONE INCH EQUALS 25 MILES - The BURDEN CARRIERS - WENOMADMEN - LIVE at the 2006 HIGH MAYHEM FESTIVAL.

The music was created using the Conduction Lexicon and the samples were woven together, again using the logic of Conduction. One section of the piece reveals an ensemble who's members were never in the group together.

OOC PERSONEL - J.A. Deane conductor, sampler, live-sampling - Jon Baldwin cornet - CK Barlow sampler, live-sampling - Matt Deason bass, electronics - Stefan Dill guitar, oud - John Flax voice - Tom Guralnick soprano sax, electronics - Katie Harlow cello - Rod Harrison voice - Sam Rhodes bassoon, voice - Joseph Sabella drums, vibes, udu - Calos Santistevan contrabass - Bonnie Schmader alto and bass flutes - Courtney Smith harp - Molly Sturges voice - Alicia Ultan viola - Jefferson voorhees drums, pakhawaj, percussion - Mark Weaver tuba

3- Turnstile - is a cut-up piece performed on iPad using the app Samplr. It employs six samples from my library of homegrown percussion recordings, which began in 1976.

4- On Rhythmic Winds - was constructed on laptop using Ableton Live 8. The samples (again from my percussion library) were samples created from acoustic sources, on a range of hardware and software over time - including : Akai S900, Ensoniq ASR10, Ableton Live, Stiem LiSa, Five12 Lithium.